Trouble in Paradise-Robert B. Parker book 11 of 100

trouble in paradise book 11 of 100

What a ride!! Another ride with Jesse Stone, the man is unstoppable! The book starts out with him taking a stance that even today may make some people raise an eyebrow or two, he is standing up for two men whose home was burned down because they are a known gay couple. Go Jesse!

Then he is slowly being targeted by a thief who lives for the thrill of the game, the set up, and running the con. His eyes aren’t on the small town of Paradise, but on the island that is part of Paradise, but separated by a bridge and tons, and tons of money.

While Jesse is dealing with his emotions, and his ex-wife Jen who has moved closer after his trouble in the last book (nope still not telling you what happened if you haven’t read it, see what I did there). Jesse and his police force are becoming or have become a unit, they trust each other, and even understand each other to a point. Much better than in the last book, everything runs very quickly.

The crew of thieves, is focused on the score, their leader is emotional and not all together there in my opinion, his girlfriend, is pretty much the only person who is important to him, though I really can’t say it is love on his part, just that she is important. For her part it IS love and she will do what she thinks she has to do to protect “her man” and make sure she has a bargaining chip for his life if she needs one.

You see a different side of Jesse, and while I didn’t agree with all the decisions he made here, I did understand them. Again, a good read, and so worth the time!

Good night and good reading!